in and out of the ocean        2011


Solitary actions, performed in Killiney, Ireland on December 12th, and Brooklyn,USA on December 18th, for International Migrants Day.


My grandfather fled Ireland during the civil war, escaping from Curragh Camp, where he was held in 1923.  He entered the USA as an undocumented immigrant.

This performance is a response to my visit to Kilmainham Gaol in Dublin. Leaders of the Easter Rising were executed in one of the yards, where prisoners were normally allowed to walk in a circle for brief exercise. I took a train from Dublin to a beach in Killiney. I walked in a circle, in and out of the Irish Sea. I performed the same action in Brooklyn, for International Migrants Day a week later, reading the Migrant Manifesto.

TEXT OF MANIFESTO created by Immigrant Movement International





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