i am having a circus in my apartment.


www.dianescircus.com is a work in progress.



Want info about the project?

I am funny and creepy and pathetic. So are clowns.


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Diane’s Circus

CIR-CUS -noun

a large public entertainment, featuring exhibitions of pageantry, feats of skill and daring, performing animals, etc. interspersed throughout with the slapstick antics of clowns

CIR-CUS -noun

an open circle, square or plaza where several streets converge- such as Piccadilly Circus in London or Carlisle Circus in Belfast

This is my circus.

It is the domestic space, disrupted by virtual worlds…

It is the private converging with the public …

Likewise, it is the convergence of the professional & amateur, tame & wild, conventional & strange.

It is a circus that never leaves my apartment.

It is a circus that can travel anywhere.

Diane’s Circus will take place in my home and online. It is a collaborative project, inviting people, both professional and amateur, to explore the carnal and prosaic dreams of the body and mind at home… I am interested ideas about place and privacy. When we are at home, can we be anywhere? Has this always been true in our private dreams?

Diane’s Circus invites you to

record a version of the theme song

request a costume (i’ll make it) and do something

do something in my cage

show me something and then perform with me

i will show you something and then perform with you

create a spectacle out of the ordinary

make some music (with or without me)

be a clown (with or without me)

do a dance (with or without me)

sing a song (I can’t sing)

do whatever you want

The website is an important aspect of the piece, not merely a portal for videos and images. I am collaborating with Tyler Campbell on the site, and we are really excited about how it is coming together. The circus will be an area to traverse, rather than a series of pages to visit.

project description | 2010 | diane's circus/in progress
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